Tanya LaReese and ‘Voice Your Vote’ video urges voter participation

By Joyce Nanette Johnson, Staff Writer

ST. PETERSBURG — The “get out the vote” chants have become louder as Election Day approaches. Exuberant marches have filled the streets while virtual conferences across the nation have sprung up to discuss every aspect of the election from voter registration, possible foreign government interference, mail-in voting issues and potential voter fraud.

One of the most innovative concepts in rallying people to vote is the music video “Voice Your Vote 2020.” The video opens with an upbeat tempo led by St. Petersburg’s Tanya LaReese.

LaReese has been a fixture on the Tampa Bay music scene for years.  Her dynamic voice has thrilled audiences with gospel, inspirational, and jazz. In 2007, she released her debut CD “Ready Or Not.”

She wrote all of the songs on “Ready Or Not” and the heartfelt opening lyrics on “Voice Your Vote 2020.”

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