Bronx Rap Star Directs Music For Video on Voting

With roots in the Bronx and Boston, Nawlage first became widely-known for his dancehall hits and his Husband or Wife song, which was included in French Montana’s COKE BOY series. Other hits originated and performed by Nawlage in various genres of music including hip hop, reggae and rap include She’s A Tease, Take Your Breath Away and So Into You.

Now, he is making waves as the music director of a team of songwriters, singers, and video producers for a non-profit, all-volunteer project called VOICE YOUR VOTE 2020 in his second home down in Tampa, in the pivotal state of Florida. He is doing it all to help get out the vote in November and people are listening — after four weeks on YouTube the video is hovering just past 90,000 views.

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